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Dr. West is a resourceful senior executive with a unique blend of results oriented technical and business leadership.  Lamar has a specialization in broadband telecommunications technology with expertise in end-to-end delivery of video, voice and data.  He has over thirty-five years of experience including management of system and component development, support, product management and support of sales organizations.  Lamar is experienced in revenue generation, budgeting, and P&L.  He is skilled at evaluating new technologies and potential strategic partnerships.  He is also recognized for building internal capabilities and creating high performance teams.


  • System architect for end-to-end system and component design of telecommunications networks for delivery of voice, video and data
  • Expertise in fiber optic hardware and network design including FTTx,  DWDM and CWDM
  • Development and analysis of networks for DOCSIS (including DOCSIS 3.1), video and voice
  • Analysis of Network Capabilities and Limitations for carriage of Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP Video
  • Ethernet Over Coax system development using HPNA and MOCHA
  • Linearized Analog Intensity Modulated Optical Transmitter for Subcarrier Multiplexed Networks
  • Customer premises electronics including set-top boxes
  • Design and analysis of broadband RF amplifiers and optical nodes
  • Development of subscriber network using SAW based positive traps
  • Development of subscriber networks using interdiction technology
  • Design of satellite based video delivery hardware
  • Development of HFC reverse-path analysis techniques and system design techniques
  • Deployment of digital return system for HFC applications
  • Participation in SCTE/ISBE Standards and Practices
  • Instructor for SCTE/ISBE

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